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Click here"The EmergenSeen OWL is a device that serves as a forewarning light to oncoming traffic. It is a bright solid or blinking white light and is located next to the rear view mirror in the upper center of the windshield. If your driving encounters a warning situation of a traffic issue such as an item in the road or deer crossing in front of you, the solid light mode is activated to warn oncoming traffic to slow down for a possible road emergency."

  • What is the EmergenSeen OWL?

    911 Conditions
    The EmergenSeen OWL

    is a device that serves as a

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  • Uses for the EmergenSeen OWL?

    The EmergenSeen OWL

    has many uses for safer driving.

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  • Ordering EmergenSeen Light

    safe driving
    The EmergenSeen OWL

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  • The EmergenSeen Safety Foundation

    Safety Foundation
    The EmergenSeen Safety Foundation

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